Lili K Couture was inspired by the main concept of African art. For the past couple of years, Lili K Couture garments and accessories have been raising their fashion status all over America. The cuts, the patterns, and all the different colors from the African continent give us a new artistic perspective. Since the patterns have been there since the beginning of time, let’s just say that it helps us rediscover our love for what has already been there. We take you on a virtual trip to the Afica we all know…
African fashion has been revisited by fashion designer Lili. Originality and bias are creating garments to European and American cuts reflecting the trends of fashion, very modern and very easy to wear, using traditional African fabrics. Lili K Couture chooses the fabrics locally in the markets and the patterns and colors of these fabrics are often themselves designed and hand band dyed according to his wishes, in accordance with African tradition, to create original colors, vivid and varied.
We create African fashion collections for women, an African fashion line for men, sets for children, original clothes for the artists or unique for large events such as weddings, each of our pieces are unique, we also sell very little of our creations on the internet. We mainly present pictures of our African fashion collections you can also enjoy at our shows, and invite you to shop to find your happiness!